Community Support

The community has been behind the rebuilding of the Butte Creek Mill since the beginning. The week after the fire the community came out in droves to sort through and save anything that survived.  Small donations started coming in, and both local and state politicians expressed their support, lending their names and their own personal funds to the project.  

 A local resident, James Belushi, held a concert that sold out in less than 48 hours with the proceeds going to Rebuild the Mill. An annual golf tournament event was established to support the Mill and will occur for the fourth year this upcoming fall.                                                                                                                                          

Treeborn Timbercraft timber framing specialists have rebuilt the frame with hand hewn timbers and construction, with historical integrity. Additionally it goes beyond local support, as we have received many grants from organizations outside our local area.

As evidenced by the attached letters of support, this project showcases partnerships with both private and public entities. We also have several businesses that have donated in-kind materials and professional services to the Foundation. Thanks to our partnerships and support from local businesses and the community, as well as grants, we have raised over $2.1 million to rebuild the Mill.







Rotary Club of the Upper Rogue

City of Eagle Point

State of Oregon Rep. Mike McLane

Restore Oregon

Neuman Hotel Group

Travel Southern Oregon


Jacksonville Inn Dinner House  

Timber Framers Guild

Jackson County Board of Commissioners 

Builders Association of Southern Oregon

US Representative Greg Walden 

Eagle Point Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Medford/Jackson County 

Eagle Point Parks Foundation