Regional Objectives

Southern Oregon is known as an amazing vacation destination situated halfway between San Francisco and Portland.  We have a wonderful year-round climate.  We boast amazing wineries, craft brews, the Britt Music Festival and the Shakespeare Festival.  Southern Oregon is full of breathtaking natural phenomena, and culinary delicacies, and award-winning culture.  Tourism is one of the principal industries in Jackson County and has grown rapidly over the last several years.  The restoration of the Butte Creek Mill will return the Mill to its place as part of the rich fabric that drives tourism to Southern Oregon.  Tourists have been coming to the region for decades to learn about the history of the Mill, as well as to purchase its products, including the delicious pancake mix.

Butte Creek Mill Fan Photos 


The Mill has been at the heart of Eagle Point since 1872.  It is fondly referred to as the “Capital of Eagle Point” and it serves as the local gathering place for both civic and social events.  Some of the annual events included the Vintage Fair, the Gobble-till-you-Wobble celebration, and the Dutch Oven Cookers events to name a few.  People came from all over the region, including California and Washington, to participate in these events.

Not only will the rebuilding and restoration of the Mill drive tourism back into our region, fulfilling our regional objectives and return the Mill to its place as the “Capital”, it will also create local jobs, produce locally-sourced nutritional products and return it as an educational destination for students on field trips.