Why We Need to Rebuild the Mill


The loss of the Mill on December 25, 2015, has had dire financial consequences to the small town of Eagle Point. Local businesses have suffered from the loss of the tourism revenue that the Mill generated. However, the financial impact is only the beginning of the story.    The Mill has been at the heart of Eagle Point since 1872 and is fondly referred to as the “Capital of Eagle Point”. It has been a hub for the community as a host for field trips and for civic and social events for decades. After the fire ravaged the beloved Mill, and in response to a statement of gratitude that no lives were lost, a longtime resident stated that the "Mill had a life of its own". This sentiment rings true to all that have been touched by the Mill, which is evidenced by the numerous "Friends of the Mill" that have already given their time and donations towards the efforts to rebuild.  

Rebuilding the Mill will preserve a piece of history, not only for Oregon, but for nation. The grist mill is one representation of the spirit of the pioneers who settled the western territories. It will also ensure that the stream flows and fish will continue to thrive in Little Butte Creek. It will bring tourism back into our region, create local jobs, produce locally-sourced nutritional products, and return it as an educational destination for students on field trips.