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Re-live your trip to the Butte Creek Mill with many of the down-home foods we can ship to you. We are especially proud of our award winning pancake and waffle mix, bran muffin mix, cornbread mix and spices. Once you’ve experienced the quality and variety available at the Butte Creek Mill, we know you’ll want to share your special secret with friends and family. Order once or again and again.

Country Store


The broad overhang throws shadows over the front loading dock that leads inside. Tables and chairs and an old wooden bench on the dock allow visitors an opportunity to sit a spell while taking in the clacking and humming of pulleys and belts working … [Read More...]

Antique Store


Adjacent to the mill is an 1895 cheese factory that has been converted to an antique store. We have an incredible collection including toys, advertising signs, country store materials, etc. The Antique Store is open the same hours and days as the … [Read More...]

A National Treasure


A Living Treasure stands rustically over Little Butte Creek, water pouring out of her antique timbered side as it has for far over a century. Her belts, pulleys and stones have not stopped turning and telling the story of the people who settled the Oregon territory. It is not only a story of history but of the destiny of those who would preserve the treasure from extinction and share it with future generations. On the National Register of Historic Places, the world … [Read More...]



The reason we spend so much of our time grinding grain is to produce flours. We’ve collected recipes old and new for every baking level here. The common denominator is simply that they are made with products you can get from the Mill. If you’ve got a favorite recipe or two made from our products that you’d like so share, we’d love to include it on our site. Try our recipes and let us know what you made and how it turned out in the comments for the … [Read More...]



There’s always something happening at the Butte Creek Mill! We happily provide tours of the facility, just ask us if you’re interested. We always try to have something special going on for the Second Saturday events, if you’re thinking of making the drive to Eagle Point and the Upper Rogue area, Second Saturdays are the day to come. Our communities come together on these days for lots of special activities. At the Butte Creek Mill, we also try to have other fun events. … [Read More...]