The Country Store

Country Store - Butte Creek MillThe broad overhang throws shadows over the front loading dock that leads inside. Tables and chairs and an old wooden bench on the dock allow visitors an opportunity to sit a spell while taking in the clacking and humming of pulleys and belts working the mill’s machinery. The sweet aroma of newly crushed grains wafts out the open doors to the street.

Our store at the mill has antique memorabilia on display as a backdrop for our many fine products… Lots of fun stuff to see and enjoy.

Butte Creek Mill Country StoreThere are many down-home foods to take home with you or we can ship them to you. We are especially proud of our award winning pancake and waffle mix, bran muffin mix, and cornbread mix.

We stock everything on our website.  We also have cold drinks, ice cream, kitchen and baking items, bulk spices, loose teas, and many other made-in-Oregon items. Don’t forget to send a gift box to a friend!

Visitors come in and buy our products, then take them home and serve them to their friends. We get letters from the friends who marvel at the taste and want to know how they can get them also.