The Butte Creek Mill, and its adjacent garden, is owned by the Butte Creek Mill Foundation, which is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit. It was purchased from Robert Russell

Yes, the Butte Creek Mill was insured by Lloyds of London for $400,000. It was extremely difficult to find insurance for the Mill, and, only Lloyds of London would offer such a policy, and it was only for $400,000. With the extent of the damage and the approximately $1,000,000 in antiques lost in the fire, the prior owners lost a considerable amount of money. Much of the insurance proceeds, including the cleanup efforts, were used to mitigate the damage left after the fire. To restore the Mill to its former glory, rather than just building a new structure and losing a piece of history, the Foundation was formed to raise money and secure grants.

We have a top-notch fire suppression system designed. It will then go out for bid and be installed later this year.

Yes! We have been able to keep our status, due to the lower level being preserved. 

The Butte Creek Mill is open now. We are about 95% complete and are now planing to work on the basement. 

The 1872 water rights associated with powering the Mill are very significant to this project, not only for their use in powering the Mill but also for their environmental impact on the Little Butte Creek, Rogue River, and surrounding area. The Mill has a non-consumptive water right, which means that we do not actually “use” the water, like someone who is irrigating, but in fact keep them in stream and only use the power of the water as it flows through the lower level of the Mill. The Foundation is in the process of acquiring the water right from the prior owner. The Foundation plans to structure the water rights in such a way that they will not be able to be transferred from the Foundation in the future and hence the environmental benefit to the community will exist in perpetuity.

 Yes and the store is now open! 

Yes and no, we will be making the same flour based products, including the famous waffle and pancake mix, but other items will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Do expect to see some of your favorites on the shelves and please send us your feedback if you are interested in seeing particular items.

Yes, a garden has been installed, named Debbie's Garden. It is in memory of Debbie Russell, the former owner who passed away from cancer three months prior to the fire.

Yes! As there was in the past, groups will once again be able to use the grounds of the Mill for events, like the Vintage Fair and antique car shows. However, in addition, we will have an Exhibit Room, that will showcase local culture, Native American history and milling history. It will also highlight the timber frame construction as it will have vaulted ceilings. We
are very excited about this addition and the benefit it will bring to the community.

First and foremost, we need your donation, we have various options available. We also have received thousands of dollars in donated construction materials and hundreds of volunteer hours. Please give in whatever way you are able. It will take all of us to restore and rebuild the Butte Creek Mill and Ice House.