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Formerly a for-profit enterprise, Butte Creek Mill transitioned into a foundation shortly after the devastating fire that engulfed most of the building on Christmas Day, 2015. Achieving its 501(c)(3) status in 2017 marked a pivotal step in its journey. Now, as the mill wheels turn once more and the store doors swing open, the Butte Creek Mill Foundation stands poised to serve its community with renewed vigor.

In its nonprofit capacity, the Foundation enjoys the benefits of tax-exempt status and tax-deductible contributions and profoundly commits to the long-term well-being of the Southern Oregon community. As the mill breathes life back into Eagle Point, it becomes a beacon for economic revitalization, reigniting tourism and invigorating local commerce. Furthermore, the Foundation's efforts extend beyond mere economics, encompassing educational initiatives to broaden access, environmental stewardship securing water rights to the creek, and preserving cherished history as the mill resumes operations.

Butte Creek Mill Country Store, oatmeal, steel cut, pancake recipe, oats gluten free bread, wheat flour, flourWith the reopening of the Mill General Store, the Foundation continues its mission and expands its reach, providing a hub for community engagement and commerce. The Butte Creek Mill Foundation serves as the heart of the community, fostering connections, preserving heritage, and nurturing a sense of belonging.

As the mill once again becomes a focal point for local tours, it rekindles a passion for Southern Oregon history, inviting all to participate and learn—the community rallies around this shared endeavor, forging a legacy of resilience and progress. With steadfast support, the Foundation has reclaimed the Mill's position as a historical landmark, enriching the neighborhood's fabric for generations.

Essentially, the Butte Creek Mill Foundation is a testament to the power of preservation, community, and environmental stewardship. Its mission to uphold heritage, foster community, and safeguard the environment resonates deeply as it embarks on this new chapter of restoration and renewal.

Guiding Volunteers

2024-03 Board Member - Karen Hammonds
2024-03 Board Member - Jonathan Bilden

Jonathan Bilden

Danita Romero

Danita Romero, PMP

2024-03 Board Member - Bob Russell

Bob Russell

2024-03 Board Member - Kira Zavala

Kira Zavala, IOM

2024-03 Board Member - Frank Brannen

Frank Brannen

2024-03 Board Member - Dave Hammonds

Dave Hammonds

2024-03 Board Member - Mike Hawkins

Mike Hawkins