Dave Hammonds

David’s formal education culminated at California State Polytechnic University while continuing to work with his father in the family construction business. After college, David worked full-time in the family construction business in 1978. At that time, David moved his family to Southern Oregon and continued the family construction legacy. David has managed the family business (Hamcon Builders) through thousands of construction projects in six states. Moving within a ½ mile of the Butte Creek Mill and the Eagle Point community, David’s love for the history of old buildings immediately drew him to the Mill. His passion was bringing his three children to see it and showing how carpenters built things in the 1800s. It was natural for him to want to be involved in rebuilding the Mill after the fire happened. He now oversees any construction issues or small projects yet to be completed at the Mill.

Building has been a Hammonds Family tradition for seven generations. From when David was seven years old, he was often found at his father’s side, Harold Hammonds, a California General Contractor. As David grew up, he spent afternoons, weekends, and summers working with his dad, and at 17, he became a licensed General Contractor and Generation 6 in the Hammonds family tradition of taking on the construction industry.