Karen Hammonds

Karen has spent over 45 years alongside her husband in his construction endeavors. From serving as a single-girl office to managing 12 others in the office and overseeing the daily workings and intricacies of a large construction firm, she has had her hand in all phases. She also works as the resident interior decorator helping clients select the necessary items for each phase of the construction projects. Two years of college and years of hands-on experience qualify her as a great administrator. She also pursued her passion for event coordinating, and with this came the ability to hold events that could be used for fundraising. Karen and her husband, Dave, have organized three fundraisers for the Butte Creek Mill since the fire of 2015. Late last year, Karen joined the Butte Creek Mill Board and looks forward to a great 2024 year of growth for the Mill. Since visiting the Mill in 1978, to many visits bringing her children in after school to get snacks, to buying spices and Christmas presents for family that lived out-of-town – Karen has many great memories of the Mill.