Frank Brannen

Frank Brannen is a seasoned entrepreneur and a dynamic leader with a track record of founding and nurturing successful startups. His extensive experience in corporate environments, including C-suite interactions, has honed his skills in strategic planning and business development. As an accomplished performance trainer, Frank has amassed hundreds of hours in leadership training, helping to cultivate new generations of effective leaders.

Currently serving as the President of the Upper Rogue Rotary Club, Frank is deeply committed to community service and development. His role in this capacity, coupled with his active participation in the Economic Advisory Development Committee for Jackson County and the Eagle Point Grange, showcases his dedication to fostering community growth and prosperity.

In addition to his professional and community-oriented roles, Frank is a devoted family man, embracing his roles as a husband, father, and grandfather with the same passion and commitment he applies to his professional and civic duties. His multifaceted expertise and deep community ties make him an invaluable member of the Butte Creek Mill board, where he contributes significantly to the strategic vision and community engagement initiatives.