SOREDI Members Raise $2000 for Butte Creek Mill Foundation

Published on August 4, 2017

Medford, OR – At SOREDI’s 2017 Annual Meeting, held June 21 at the Eagle Point Golf Club in Eagle Point, SOREDI added a fundraising element to their regular program.

Each year, SOREDI gathers their members, guests and interested parties to give them a report about the activities they undertook during the previous year and to recognize noteworthy businesses. This year, the theme of the evening was Caddyshack and three golf-themed games and two raffles were added to the program. Guests were invited to buy tickets that could be used to play games or enter the raffle contests. One hundred percent of the proceeds from these tickets were dedicated to the Historic Butte Creek Mill Foundation, to be used in the rebuilding of the Historic Butte Creek Mill in Eagle Point.

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