First Visit

My husband told me he knew a place I would fall in love with. Knowing my shutterbug itch he was not wrong. I was amazed at the history that was…

2015-12 We Will Rebuild

We Will Rebuild

We have been so touched by the intense outpouring of support from our community – those who live both near and far away. We knew that the Mill meant a…

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

Mitch and I visited during Christmas got a great box of goodies to send to The kids. We visited with Bob, Debbie, Kristin, and Charlie. Bob was great to let…

Walmart donation (1)

Thank you to the Eagle Point Walmart

We are so thankful to Walmart for their donation today! They gave us 12 more bins, 4 tarps, sponges, bristle brushes, paper towels, paint brushes for cleaning, zip lock bags…

Lowes Donation

Thank you to Lowes

Big thank you to Lowes for donating 2 large tarps, 19 totes/bins, a large box of rags, a large box of  thick paper towels, 20 respitory masks, and 10-15 pairs…


Butte Creek Mill May 2010

~ Nicki

A beautiful day at The Mill

October at The Mill

I used The Mill as a beautiful backdrop for taking Homecoming and senior pictures. The Mill was a community gem. It will be missed. ~ Holly

Michael Scott 1

The Man Cave

I am so saddened by your loss, but so thankful that everyone is ok. I was lucky enough to get some pictures while we toured upstairs. Keep your head up…


Cute Christmas Popcorn Balls

Popcorn balls can make their appearance at any time of the year when you want to make something fun, regardless of what you are celebrating. However, if you make these…


Good Morning Oatmeal for Thanksgiving

The perfect Thanksgiving should be fun from beginning to end, and this tasty, hearty breakfast is just the thing to give you plenty of energy for the day ahead. This…

2012-08-11 12.02.01

Butte Creek Mill and Oregon Pacific Cookers Present the 6th AnnualGobble Till You Wobble

Turn back the clock for a tasty educational journey at the 6th Annual Gobble Till You Wobble hosted by the Butte Creek Mill with demonstrations provided by the Oregon Pacific…

Halloween Honey Pumpkin Biscuits

Halloween Honey Pumpkin Biscuits are great at any time of the year, but if you want to make some special ones for Halloween, the aromatic pumpkin spice in these makes…

chewy granola

Chewy Granola Health Bars

This is a wonderful recipe if you want to make tasty, chewy granola bars. Take a look at the health bar labels at the store and you will find most…

well stocked  pantry

Pantry Essentials Checklist

Have you looked in your pantry lately? REALLY looked? Can you say you have plenty of the essentials you need to make up many baked goods and other dishes from…


A Taste of Summer Peach Pie

What could be better than biting into a succulent ripe peach fresh off the vine? A fresh baked peach pie of course! Here at Butte Creek Mill, we have all…

Franklins at the Mill

Franklin Automobiles at the Mill

The members of the HH Franklin automobile club visited the mill in June of 2015. Thirty five cars in all! ~ Jim


The H.H Franklin Car Club to Visit The Butte Creek Mill

The 46th Annual Franklin Car WestTrek takes Members on a Walking Tour of Jacksonville, Rim tour of Crater Lake, and the Butte Creek Mill  Eagle Point, OR –  The HH…

homemade  fruit bars filled with strawberry jam and fresh berries

Sweet Sweet Summer Time!!

Strawberry Jam Oatmeal Bars Summer’s just upon us, and with summer comes strawberries! This fresh fruit is packed with fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C, helping to increase your good cholesterol,…

All of the lovely pies!

2015 Vintage Faire Pie Baking Contest

These were some pictures from he Vintage Faire Pie Baking Contest this year! There were lots of delicious choices, but the Key Lime pie was the overall winner! ~ Pie Enthusiast…


Green Herb Hummus Recipe

The added ingredients give the hummus dish more texture and substance to stand up on the plate, as well as an extra bite in flavor and added vitamins and minerals.…


Springtime and Strawberries, Yum!

Spring brings with it refreshing April showers, blooming flowers, warmer temperatures — and of course strawberries! As this delectable fruit becomes more and more available, you can get red, ripe…


Maca Super Bites

Need a quick jolt of energy? Then grab yourself some maca. A root derived from the radish family, maca typically comes ready-to-use in powdered form.   ~ Jenny Measures and…

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8th Annual Vintage Faire

For a Vintage Faire Vendor Application click here:     


Easter Leftovers Great for Split Pea & Ham Soup

It’s hard to believe that Easter is right around the corner and we’ll all be stuffing ourselves with ham dinners. Gotta love leftovers! But when you get sick of the…