The Bank Sells the Mill to George Putman

Under the decisive leadership of Mrs. Campbell, President of the Eagle Point Bank, a pivotal decision was made to breathe new life into the dormant mill. Entrusting the task to the capable hands of George Putman, a spirited entrepreneur new to the region, marked a turning point in the mill’s fate. Together with his sons, Ed and Frank, George embarked on a meticulous restoration effort, swiftly returning the mill to its former operational glory. Impressed by the Putmans’ dedication and expertise, Mrs. Campbell facilitated the transition of ownership, selling the mill along with an adjoining parcel of land to the Putman family. Thus, heralding the dawn of a new era, the location was reimagined and operated under the banner of “Putman Bros. Feed and Seed,” perpetuating its legacy with renewed vigor and purpose.