Frank Putman Sells the Mill to the Crandalls

The torch of stewardship passed from the Putman family to Peter and Cora Crandall, who embraced the challenge of preserving the mill’s heritage as a water-powered flour mill with unwavering dedication. Drawing upon Peter’s engineering prowess and Cora’s adept management and baking skills, they formed a formidable partnership, poised to steer the mill toward continued success.

Under their attentive care, the feed store underwent a transformation into a quaint country store, brimming with an array of baking mixes and meticulously packaged fresh-ground flour, alongside other delectable baking essentials.

This evolution reflected their commitment to providing patrons with high-quality products while honoring the mill’s rich culinary traditions. With a nod to its iconic location, Peter and Cora bestowed upon the establishment the official moniker of Butte Creek Mill, signaling a new chapter in its illustrious history under their capable stewardship.