The Butte Creek Mill is Restored and Reopened

Skilled millwrights hailing from Washington State embarked on a journey to Eagle Point, answering the call to breathe new life into the dormant milling equipment. With precision and expertise, they meticulously restored the intricate machinery, coaxing the millstones back to life to resume their vital task of milling wheat.

In a heartening display of unity, community volunteers joined forces with seasoned professionals, working hand in hand to revive the mill and usher in a new era of retail operations. Their combined efforts bore fruit as the doors of the Butte Creek Mill swung open once more, welcoming patrons back into its storied embrace.

Thanks to the unwavering dedication of all involved, the Butte Creek Mill reclaimed its rightful place as a beacon of community spirit and culinary tradition. Today, the cherished blends crafted by the Crandalls endure, delighting customers with a taste of history and heritage.