The Mill Receives a Feed Store & George Putman & Son Repair Grinding Stones

With a keen sense of tradition and a vision for authenticity, George Putman embarked on a transformative endeavor within the mill’s confines. Striving to honor its heritage, he dismantled the modern roller units, reverting the mill to its original state as a grist mill adorned with the timeless allure of millstones. This restoration not only breathed new life into the structure but also reinstated its pivotal role in the local community.

Expanding upon this foundation, George tirelessly developed the property, shaping it into a multifaceted hub of agricultural commerce and service. Under the banner of “Putman Bros. Feed and Lockers,” the establishment evolved to encompass not only the grist mill but also a comprehensive array of offerings.

Here, patrons found a wealth of provisions, ranging from freshly ground flour to essential farming implements, horse medicine, veterinary supplies, animal feed, and garden resources. Moreover, the addition of a butcher shop provided a convenient solution for livestock owners, offering services for the cutting, wrapping, and processing of their slaughtered animals, thereby fostering a symbiotic relationship between the community and the establishment.