Butte Creek Mill

Cinnamon Orange Herbal Tea

Cranberry Orange Black Tea

Organic Assam Tea, Organic Orange Peel, NaturalCranberry Flavor, Natural Orange Flavor.

Chai Green Tea

Organic Fair Trade Certified Green Tea, Organic Ginger, Organic Fennel Seed, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Cardamom. 3 oz.

English Breakfast Tea

This tea has a full, robust, malty (and slightly citrusy) flavor. Contains a classic blend of three black teas.

Earl Grey Tea

Decaffeinated Black Tea, Bergamot Oil.

Orange Spice Black Tea

Contains: Organic Assam Tea, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Cloves.

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Confetti Soup Mix

Ingredients: Red, green, and brown lentils, yellow and green split peas, short grain brown rice, pearled barley.

Mixed Bean Soup

Ingredients: Kidney beans, Black beans, Great Northern beans, Pink beans, Pinto beans, Small Red beans, Blackeye beans, Baby Lima beans, Large Lima beans, Navy beans, brown lentils, green split peas,…

Spice – BBQ rub 5 oz jars – Rogue Valley BBQ Rub

5 oz jars BBQ rub

Syrup – Maple – 1/2 pint tin container

Oregon Growers

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Spice – BBQ rub packets – Rogue Valley BBQ Rub

2.5 oz cello BBQ rub

Cajun Beans and Rice

Spice Funnel

Mulling Spices

Spice Grinder

Chai Black Tea

Black or green tea blended with spices and generally served hot or cold with milk and sweetener. There are many favorite recipes for chai, but the spices most often included…

Lusuious Licorice Tea

Irish Breakfast Tea

Anasazi Beans

Orange Spice Herb Tea

Quick Oats 5lbs.

Quick Oats 5lbs.

Oats are a great wholesome grain perfect cooked and uncooked. Use uncooked oats for oatmeal cookies, pancakes, casserole toppings, granolas, pie topping recipes and more! Our quick oats are grown…