The Butte Creek Foundation On The Registry Of Eligible Cultural Nonprofits

Published on December 29, 2017

The Butte Creek Foundation is now on the registry of Eligible Cultural Nonprofits on the Oregon Cultural Trust website.

If you have donated any amount of money to the Butte Creek Mill Foundation in 2017, you are now eligible for a matching cultural tax credit through the Oregon Cultural Trust.

Here is how it works. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and support heritage projects in Oregon.

1) Make a donation to any of Oregon’s 1,400+ cultural nonprofits (the list, in various formats, is found here). Any gift made to the Butte Creek Mill Foundation in 2017 is eligible! This donation is eligible for a federal deduction.

2) Make a donation to the Cultural Trust. You can give any amount to the Trust, as long as it does not exceed the total donations you made to cultural nonprofits. This donation is eligible for a federal deduction (at the federal rate) and an Oregon state tax credit equal to the amount you gave to the Trust (not exceeding $500 for individual filers, $1,000 for couples filing jointly, or $2,500 for Class C corporations).

3) On your tax forms, you will be deducting the gifts to the Trust, and the cultural nonprofits (per the Oregon Department of Revenue). You will take the allowable tax credit based on what you gave the Trust. The tax credit reduces your tax liability to the State by the amount you gave the Trust (and directs your gift to support arts and culture statewide). You can learn more about the impact of the grants made by the Trust on our website-

Thank you for being a Friend of the Mill and supporting Oregon Cultural Trust.