The Power of Partnership: Remembering Comedy on the Rogue 2023

Published on July 9, 2024

In 2023, Comedy on the Rogue, an event headed by comedic legend Jim Belushi, blended laughter and philanthropy in a way that captured the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Last year’s event was particularly momentous to the community, thanks to the continued partnership between Jim Belushi and the historic Butte Creek Mill. As the third fundraiser he has championed for the mill, Belushi’s involvement underscores a deep commitment to preserving this iconic landmark, bringing humor and hope to the community.

The Butte Creek Mill has been a symbol of perseverance and remembrance throughout the community, and thanks to fundraisers like Comedy on the Rogue, it continues to stand tall in Eagle Point. Last year’s event, held at Belushi’s Farm, saw a stellar lineup of comedians who left the audience in stitches. Headlining the show, Jim Belushi’s performance was a highlight, combining his signature wit and charm with heartfelt messages about community and preservation.

Preserving The Butte Creek Mill: A Historic Treasure

The Butte Creek Mill, built in 1872, is more than just a historical structure; it’s a living testament to the region’s rich heritage. Located in Eagle Point, Oregon, the mill has served as a hub of community activity and a reminder of the area’s agricultural roots. However, a devastating fire in 2015 nearly erased this piece of history. The community rallied to restore the mill, recognizing its cultural and historical significance. The restoration effort, fueled by events like Comedy on the Rogue, has been crucial in bringing the mill back to life.

Jim Belushi, a renowned actor and comedian, has a personal connection to Southern Oregon, owning a farm in Eagle Point. His involvement with the Butte Creek Mill began several years ago when he learned about the restoration efforts. Moved by the community’s dedication and the mill’s historical value, Belushi didn’t hesitate to lend his support. 2023’s event marked the third fundraiser he has participated in for the mill, solidifying his role as a key advocate for its restoration.

Belushi’s participation goes beyond mere performance; it’s about using his platform to highlight the mill’s plight and rally support from across the region. His heartfelt appeals during the event, combined with his comedic genius, helped raise significant funds and awareness, bringing the mill one step closer to full restoration.

Watch a broadcast from local news station KDRV about the 2023 event and how this fundraiser was planned to support the restoration of The Butte Creek Mill.

The Power of Community

The success of Comedy on the Rogue highlights the power of community collaboration. Local businesses, volunteers, and artists came together to create a night of laughter and generosity. The event featured not only comedy but also live music, auctions, and local food vendors, all contributing to the festive atmosphere.

Local business owners, recognizing the mill’s importance to the community, donated generously. Silent and live auctions featured items ranging from local art to vacation packages, with all proceeds going towards the restoration fund. The sense of camaraderie and shared purpose was palpable, making the event a true celebration of what the community can achieve when it comes together.

Comedy on the Rogue 2023 was more than just a night of laughter; it was a testament to the resilience and spirit of Southern Oregon. The future looks bright for the Butte Creek Mill, thanks in large part to the continued support from Jim Belushi and the broader community. The funds raised during Comedy on the Rogue 2023 went towards critical restoration projects, ensuring that the mill once again serves as a community hub and historical landmark.

Jim Belushi’s ongoing partnership with the Butte Creek Mill is a powerful reminder of the difference one can make when one uses one’s talents for a cause greater than oneself. Learn more about how you can support The Butte Creek Mill on our website.

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