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Teas & Tins

Butte Ck Mill & VA 2013

Our family visited the Butte Ck. Mill 2013 after spending time with our Purple Heart Veteran at the VA Cemetery. We fell in love with the Butte Crk. Mill Store.…


Butte Creek Mill

My sister took this photo while visiting the mill for the 1st time last summer with her Granddaughter & me. ~ Mary


German Visitors Jun 2015

We visited our Aunt and Uncle this year in Medford and they showed us this Mill. So we made some pictures of it. If you want, we have some more.…


Inside of the Butte Creek Mill

Friends from Palm Spring CA came to visit us in Eagle Point ~ Maha

alyssa spliethof

Christmas at the Mill

My other grandkids that lived in eagle point, my grandson was in the choir ~Cindy


Summer Vacation

These photos are from our 2nd trip back after other grandkids got out of school, Chloe wanted me to get more photos for her report ~Cindy


My Favorite Visit

my grandaughter Chloe and my other daughter and grandaughter came up to watch grandkids play football Chloe was on home study for the week so we took a field trip to…

7-5-2012 oregons butte mill  (17)

Visiting on the 4th

while enjoying the 4th with family and a couple friends who came from calif we had to make our visit to the butte mill to show it off they  loved…


Our First Trip

3-28-2011 our 1st trip to eagle point my daughter and family had just moved to eagle point while driving around they visited the butte mill she called and told me…


First Visit

My husband told me he knew a place I would fall in love with. Knowing my shutterbug itch he was not wrong. I was amazed at the history that was…

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

Mitch and I visited during Christmas got a great box of goodies to send to The kids. We visited with Bob, Debbie, Kristin, and Charlie. Bob was great to let…


Butte Creek Mill May 2010

~ Nicki

A beautiful day at The Mill

October at The Mill

I used The Mill as a beautiful backdrop for taking Homecoming and senior pictures. The Mill was a community gem. It will be missed. ~ Holly

Michael Scott 1

The Man Cave

I am so saddened by your loss, but so thankful that everyone is ok. I was lucky enough to get some pictures while we toured upstairs. Keep your head up…

Franklins at the Mill

Franklin Automobiles at the Mill

The members of the HH Franklin automobile club visited the mill in June of 2015. Thirty five cars in all! ~ Jim