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Walmart donation (1)

Thank you to the Eagle Point Walmart

We are so thankful to Walmart for their donation today! They gave us 12 more bins, 4 tarps, sponges, bristle brushes, paper towels, paint brushes for cleaning, zip lock bags…

Lowes Donation

Thank you to Lowes

Big thank you to Lowes for donating 2 large tarps, 19 totes/bins, a large box of rags, a large box of  thick paper towels, 20 respitory masks, and 10-15 pairs…


Butte Creek Mill May 2010

~ Nicki

A beautiful day at The Mill

October at The Mill

I used The Mill as a beautiful backdrop for taking Homecoming and senior pictures. The Mill was a community gem. It will be missed. ~ Holly

Michael Scott 1

The Man Cave

I am so saddened by your loss, but so thankful that everyone is ok. I was lucky enough to get some pictures while we toured upstairs. Keep your head up…

2012-08-11 12.02.01

Butte Creek Mill and Oregon Pacific Cookers Present the 6th AnnualGobble Till You Wobble

Turn back the clock for a tasty educational journey at the 6th Annual Gobble Till You Wobble hosted by the Butte Creek Mill with demonstrations provided by the Oregon Pacific…

well stocked  pantry

Pantry Essentials Checklist

Have you looked in your pantry lately? REALLY looked? Can you say you have plenty of the essentials you need to make up many baked goods and other dishes from…

Franklins at the Mill

Franklin Automobiles at the Mill

The members of the HH Franklin automobile club visited the mill in June of 2015. Thirty five cars in all! ~ Jim


The H.H Franklin Car Club to Visit The Butte Creek Mill

The 46th Annual Franklin Car WestTrek takes Members on a Walking Tour of Jacksonville, Rim tour of Crater Lake, and the Butte Creek Mill  Eagle Point, OR –  The HH…

All of the lovely pies!

2015 Vintage Faire Pie Baking Contest

These were some pictures from he Vintage Faire Pie Baking Contest this year! There were lots of delicious choices, but the Key Lime pie was the overall winner! ~ Pie Enthusiast…

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8th Annual Vintage Faire

For a Vintage Faire Vendor Application click here:     


Old coffee

Had it in family for some time ~ Anthony

Photo Credit - Avelino Maestas

5 Hearty Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Morning off Right!

It’s no joke that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t skip it and don’t reach for that doughnut. Instead, try these hearty breakfast ideas to…

Photo Credit - AlessandroBomfim

Switched to Cane Sugar from Beet Sugar to be GMO free

Sugar is synonymous with our food storage stockpile to the point that it adds a sense of normalcy. However, it’s very important to know the source of your sweet stuff.…

The Perfect Give Away For Your College Age Child

No matter how old a person becomes, mothers will always see them as their little angels. They never stop worrying about their kids even when they become adults or enter…

PRINT_Vintage Faire_poster 8

7th Annual Vintage Faire

Vintage Faire Saturday May 10th: Butte Creek Mill Food, Music, Steam Engines and a Bit of the Old West all at the 7th Annual Vintage Faire Eagle Point, OR –…

Healthy Celebration of a Healthy Success

Your company secured a multimillion dollar deal. Or the previous quarter produced incredibly amazing profits. Or you opened up 4 new offices in the state. Well, such events call for…


Wishing You And Your Family A Happy Thanksgiving

Get a head start on your gift shopping without even leaving the house.  We’re closed today, but our on-line store is open to allow you to shop with your friends and…

BCM Family Christmas Event 2013_flyer

Butte Creek Mill 2013 Family Christmas Event

Christmas Carols Tours Holiday Treats and Samples Fun Discount Drawings  

2013 copy

Gobble Till You Wobble – 2013

It’s the 4th Annual Gobble till you Wobble: Education and family fun never tasted so good. Learn and ask questions from the Masters of the Dutch Ovens.  Ron Clanton and…

Butte Creek Mill & Antique Store

Butte Creek Mill Front and Back

Hi, I came up to the Mill again to paint it. Of course I took some reference shots and it was such a pretty day that these came out well.…

VintageFaire11x17 copy

6th Annual Vintage Faire – Saturday May 11th 10a-4p

The Eagle Point Upper Rogue Chamber and the Grange Co-Op present the 2013 Vintage Faire hosted by the Butte Creek Mill Saturday May 11, 2013 at 10:00 am to 4:00…

Golden West Coffee

Golden West Coffee

You’ve probably seen the vintage tin cans, Golden West Coffee. You may have seen posters of the Golden West Coffee Cowgirl, but did you know that you can still purchase…

BCM Family Christmas Event 2012_flyer

Family Christmas Carol Event

Join us Saturday December 8th for Tours, Tastings and Carols…