The Foundation

Formerly a for-profit business, Butte Creek Mill became a foundation shortly after the devastating fire that destroyed most of the building on Christmas Day, 2015. The Mill then received its 501(c)(3) status in 2017. Aside from the traditional benefits of having tax-exempt status and tax-deductible contributions, there are many long-term benefits the Foundation will provide to the Southern Oregon community once it is restored.    As a non-profit organization, Butte Creek Mill Foundation will enrich the community by boosting the local economy as it revives tourism in Eagle Point. It will provide educational opportunities to all as it increases its accessibility, environmental sustainability as it secures the water rights to the creek, and historical preservation as the Mill becomes operational again. In addition, the Foundation will continue to oversee the running of the Mill General Store once reopened. Once the Mill is again operational, the Foundation will become self-sustaining and will be beneficial to the community in perpetuity.       All of this is possible with the continued support of donations and community support to “Rebuild the Mill”. The Butte Creek Mill Foundation is an integral part of the community as it works to bring people together and create lasting connections for the betterment of all. It also provides the opportunity for people to learn and participate in Southern Oregon history as the Mill rejoins local tours. The Mill creates an environment where the community can come together and make a difference. With continued support, it can be restored to its rightful place as a historical monument and enrich the neighborhood for many years to come.    The Butte Creek Mill Foundation's mission is to preserve heritage, build community, and improve the environment. 





John Parsons - Chair

JJohn actively contributes to various community leadership roles, currently serving as the Board Chairman for both Crater Lake Academy and the Finance Committee at Eagle Point Community Bible Church. Previously, he dedicated six years of service to the Children Advocacy Center of Jackson County, where he held a board position for three consecutive two-year terms. His commitment also extends to past involvement with the restoration committee for the Holly Theatre. As a proud member of the Butte Creek Mill Foundation, John recognizes the mill's significance as a monumental asset to the city and county, eagerly anticipating its restoration to former glory.


Karen Hammonds - Vice Chair

Karen has spent over 45 years alongside her husband in all of his construction endeavors.  From serving as a single girl office to managing 12 others in the office as well as overseeing the daily workings and intricacies of a large construction firm, she has had her hand in all phases.  She also works as the resident interior decorator helping clients select the necessary items relating to each phase of the construction projects.  Two years of college and years of hands-on experience qualify her as a great administrator.  She also pursued her passion for event coordinating and with this came the ability to hold events that could be used for fundraising.  Karen, along with her husband, Dave, organized three fund raisers for the Butte Creek Mill since the fire of 2015.  Late last year, Karen joined the Butte Creek Mill Board and is looking forward to a great 2024 year of growth for the Mill.  Since visiting the mill in 1978, to many visits bringing her children in after school to get snacks, to buying spices and Christmas presents for family that lived out-of-town – Karen has many great memories of the Mill.

Danita Romero- Treasure

BIO comming soon. 

Debbie Sutton - Secretary

Debbie has lived in Eagle for 46 years. This community forever holds a place in her heart. Debbie’s career included 17 years as a Confidential Administrative Assistant for the Director and Managers of Southern Oregon Early Head Start.  She finished her work career as Secretary at Crater High School.  Debbie absolutely loved her work life, only second to the love of her family.   She is committed to volunteer work and finds volunteering at Butte Creek Mill to be very meaningful and a true joy.  She is very proud to serve as the Butte Creek Mill Foundation Board Secretary.

Dave Hammonds - Member at Large

 David’s formal education culminated at California State Polytechnic University while continuing to work with his father in the family construction business. After college, David continued in the family construction business full time in 1978.  At that time, David moved his family to Southern Oregon and continued the family construction legacy.  David has managed the family business (Hamcon Builders) through thousands of construction projects in six states.  Moving within a ½ mile of the Butte Creek Mill and the Eagle Point community, David’s love for history of old buildings drew him right away to the Mill.  Bringing his three children there to see it and show them how carpenters built things in the 1800’s was and is a passion of his.  It was natural for him to want to be involved in the re-build of the Mill after the fire happened.  He now oversees any construction issues or small projects that are yet to be completed at the mill.

Building has been a Hammonds Family tradition for seven generations. From the time David was 7 years old, he often could be found at the side of his father, Harold Hammonds, a California General Contractor.  As David grew up, he spent afternoons, weekends, and summers working with his dad, and at 17 became a licensed General Contractor, and Generation 6 in the Hammonds family tradition of taking on the construction industry.

  Jonathan Bilden - Member at Large

Jonathan is a long time Eagle Point resident, having graduated from Eagle Point High School before attending Rogue Community College and Southern Oregon University. He and his wife, Elizabeth, who is an administrator at Crater Lake Academy, are blessed to be raising three beautiful daughters in the local community. Jonathan is the Chief Business Officer for a regional charter school and is part of several programs focused on innovating education in Southern Oregon. He is honored to be part of the Butte Creek Mill Foundation, being part of the founding team, and the work being done to ensure future generations enjoy this treasure.

Joey Minear - Member at Large

Joey Minear was born and raised in Southern Oregon and attended Southern Oregon University before joining the United States Air Force. After retiring from the military, he and his wife Adrionna decided to return to Eagle Point, where they have become active members of the community and joined a wide range of local organizations. Joey works as a Field Representative for Congressman Bentz and is honored to be part of the Butte Creek Mill Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to restoring and preserving the historic Butte Creek Mill, and Joey hopes to ensure that this important piece of Southern Oregon history is preserved for future generations.

Bob Russell -  Member at Large

 An Oregon native and has a Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University. He was the owner of the Butte Creek Mill before it burned down in 2015. He gave up that ownership so that it could become a foundation, which would make fundraising, and therefore the rebuilding of the Mill, possible. The Butte Creek Mill Foundation is now the owner of the Mill and is a non-profit entity.

Bob was also the Mayor of Eagle Point. He was first elected in 2010, and reelected in 2012, 2014, and 2016. He was vice president of the Economic Development Commission and active in the Eagle Point and Upper Rogue Chamber of Commerce. He is currently on the advisory board for the Butte Creek Mill Foundation. He currently is the owner of Butte Creek Mill Antiques.

Picture of Frank

Frank Brannen -  Member at Large

Frank Brannen is a seasoned entrepreneur and a dynamic leader with a track record of founding and nurturing successful startups. His extensive experience in corporate environments, including C-suite interactions, has honed his skills in strategic planning and business development. As an accomplished performance trainer, Frank has amassed hundreds of hours in leadership training, helping to cultivate new generations of effective leaders.

Currently serving as the President of the Upper Rogue Rotary Club, Frank is deeply committed to community service and development. His role in this capacity, coupled with his active participation in the Economic Advisory Development Committee for Jackson County and the Eagle Point Grange, showcases his dedication to fostering community growth and prosperity.

In addition to his professional and community-oriented roles, Frank is a devoted family man, embracing his roles as a husband, father, and grandfather with the same passion and commitment he applies to his professional and civic duties. His multifaceted expertise and deep community ties make him an invaluable member of the Butte Creek Mill board, where he contributes significantly to the strategic vision and community engagement initiatives.


Kira Zavala,IOM -  Member at Large

Kira is the Director of Business Development & Partnerships for The Chamber of Medford& Jackson County.  Kira has strategically orchestrated fundraising, workforce development, and the recruitment of key contributors to advance The Chamber’s mission. Her resourcefulness exceeds expectations, ensuring meticulous financial oversight and fostering robust partnerships, as steadfast as her commitment, akin to her morning coffee preference – cold brew!

Prior to assuming her current role, Kira functioned as The Chamber's unofficial cheerleader, seamlessly embracing responsibilities as Ambassador Chair, Greeter co-host and other duties as assigned.

A lifelong learner, Kira's pursuit of excellence led to her attainment of Academy graduate status from The Western Association of Chamber Executives and her IOM through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Beyond her role at The Chamber, Kira dedicates her time to The Salvation Army Advisory Board, The Southern Oregon Employer Council and The Butte Creek Mill Foundation, demonstrating an uncanny ability to be ever- present.






MIKE HAWKINS -  Formerly the miller for the Butte Creek Mill for over 25 years, Mike is a vital resource for the rebuilding as he brings his extensive knowledge and expertise to the team.